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Prototype Industries
Your One Stop Prototyping Shop

Has work on your product ceased suddenly, because you are done designing, but now need an actual, physical part? Have you looked into manufacturing and fainted at the cost? Does your product look dead before it is even born?

Look no further, for we have the ability to get quality parts into your hands—-for a fraction of the conventional method’s cost. We have a large arsenal of materials which range in varying strengths and colors. Some materials even have a harder than rock 7000 psi maximum load (which is slightly better than polypropylene and far stronger than concrete).

So what are you waiting for, you have nothing to lose, give us a call and prepare to be astounded. Contact Us.

Sample Parts


Strength: 2300 psi

Size: 25 cubic inches (Compare to a cube the size of a Rubik’s CubeĀ® : about 16 cubic inches)

Color: Any (Default: Tan)



Strength: 7000 psi (This is the strength of the plastic not the metal)

Size: 2.29 cubic inches (Of the plastic)

Color: Any (Default: White)

Our Mission:

From IDEA to Reality for Less. Make your Impression on the Market Stick: Ready, Fire.Aim! We aim to have it when you need it.

There are many good ideas that never get off the ground because the costs of entry are too high. Prototype Industries is the game changer that you need to get that great idea in practice and working. Our specialty is making parts that normally would be plastic injected molded, die cast molded, or just plain unique concepts that need a prototype to test the idea’s viability.

We offer from start to finish the ability to design, develop and make your product idea a reality with our state of the art design and manufacturing capabilities.

We have engineering and CAD capabilities that may help you out in your venture down this road of entrepreneurship. Be sure to contact us on our capabilities and we can arrange a sales call to get you started.

Robert Gamble
President, Mechanical Engineer

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