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JC Tournament Display

Prototype Industries is proud to present this awesome addition to your Stack Mat™ timer. This is ideal for Rubik’s Cube tournaments as it presents competitors solving times in large one inch tall digits. This allows the crowd to get a better sense of how quick the competitors truly are. Because of the universal tripod mount, it is able to be prominently displayed.

The stack mat display is powered by a 9 volt battery contained within. Or if you prefer you can plug in the timer to your computer and use the USB port to power the display. The display port is a TYPE B receptacle (it has a blocky square end). The battery power usage is quite low, however if you are Rubik’s Cube™ maniac and need your display on for 2 weeks straight…you might want to consider using the USB power option.

Because we directly control production of the display, we can get you any color you want. We have three color options…unless you really need that hot pink display (in which case you need to call us). The current color standard that we offer currently is:

  • Plain White
  • Gray
  • Dark Gray

The cover currently is made out a sturdy shock resistant material. The electronics are proprietary to our company and are upgradeable upon request.

Please note that we do ship the cords that go from the StackMat™ to the display.

Supplies are limited—we only have enough materials to make a small number of units. If you order after we have used all of our materials there may be a delay because we are getting more supplies (if you are willing to pay a little more we might be able to get materials from places that ship faster).

Please contact us if you want yours to be customized. Here is an example of some possibilities:

  • Your contact info to scroll when not getting data from the stack mat.
  • You want the sixes to be displayed with out the top segment displayed
  • Color: hot pink cover, with orange back

For international orders please contact us before ordering. We will send you a custom link that accounts for shipping and customs charges. If you are going to be buying ten or more units please contact us and we will provide you with pricing and shipping options.

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